Brandon Stansell explores tragedy in the emotional video for “Dear John”

Every once in a while a song comes along that is as heartbreaking as it is exceptionally musical. That’s the only way I can describe Brandon Stansell’s emotional debut single, “Dear John.” The singer/songwriter, originally from Tennessee, taps into the exploration … Continued

The creative mind and how to conquer the overwhelming power of rejection.

Pardon the interruption, but I have some thoughts that you might relate to. In the past few weeks I’ve been working with some very creative people in an effort to help them accomplish some of their big goals. It’s really … Continued

Dianna Corcoran brings her unique sound to the US on “In America” debut album

  On January 29th, Australian artist Dianna Corcoran released her first album to an American audience. The album, In America, is a lesson in storytelling in which Corcoran dives deep into the experiences of her life to tell heartfelt, emotional, … Continued

Weekend Spin: 3 songs to add to your playlist

  Dylan Scott caught my attention immediately with his high energy performance style and his unique voice. He sets himself apart from the many carbon copies that seem to pop up on the radio every single day by bringing back a … Continued

Allison Veltz brings us into her world on “The White Room” EP

On December 22nd, 2015, singer/songwriter Allison Veltz released her highly anticipated new EP, The White Room. The project meant more to Veltz than just her next EP, she worked hard to even get the opportunity to make it, as part … Continued

10 on the verge artists you MUST hear in 2016

Every year there are new artists rising through the ranks, moving from independent to mainstream, impressing the masses with their sudden rise to fame. While there’s probably a definitive way to narrow down those artists, I choose to look for … Continued

The Loretta Lynn documentary you DON’T want to miss

Fans of classic country music, not to mention strong female inspirations that have defined an era of musicians, will want to tune into the PBS documentary American Masters — Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl on Friday, March 8th at 9PM. The … Continued

The Cains debut fiery new single “Knock Knock”

  The Cains are at it again with their dynamic new single, “Knock Knock,” which hit radio on Tuesday, January 5th. Written by Jaida Dreyer, Stephony Smith and Dave Thompson, “Knock Knock” is the latest single off the group’s self-titled EP, … Continued

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