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Interview: Annie Bosko Talks Empowering Women on New Track “Crooked Halo”


Annie Bosko is an artist with a message on her new single “Crooked Halo.” The girl power infused track speaks to the heart of independent spirits and the importance of following the beat of your own drum, no matter how the world may view you. Her soulful vocals and rocking attitude fill each moment with intensity and purpose, making this

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Hump Day Music: Maddie & Tae Perform “After The Storm Blows Through” @ The Opry


Still moving. Still crazed. Still excited. But then this morning I came across a performance from The Opry of Maddie & Tae doing a song called “After The Storm Blows Through.” And it was stunning. It  was one of those songs that made me stop and just listen, let it wash over me and soak in for a moment, before returning

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Interview: Mallory Trunnell Gets Deeply Personal On Debut Album “Words”


Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Mallory Trunnell, is celebrating two things when she takes the stage at The Hotel Café on November 9th, her new album “Words” and her birthday! As a songwriter she pours her heart and soul into each and every word, building on her experiences in a way that remains lighthearted and effortlessly authentic. The distinct mix of singer/songwriter sentimentality and pop attitude

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Interview: Kat McDowell Talks Songwriting, Inspiration, And WitzEnd Release Show


As a songwriter, Kat McDowell is unafraid of letting her inner-self shine through. The Japan born, New Zealand raised, world traveler since birth, allows the influences of her experiences to sit heavily on her optimistic style of pop rock. She’s performed pretty much everywhere in the world, including the stages of Australian music festivals and the trash dumps of Nicaragua, allowing the

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CMA Awards: 7 GREAT Moments I Hope You Didn’t Miss!


There were so many great moments at last nights 48th Annual CMA Awards. Whether it was Carrie Underwood in her glamourous maternity wear or Luke Bryan nearly falling out of his seat laughing, it was full of a ton of hits and some near misses. Miranda Lambert was the doll of the evening, taking home 5 statues for her 2014 Platinum album.

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Jukebox Mixtape Is Moving To Nashville!


It’s true! I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity that finally allows me to get back to Nashville, and this time, for good! If you’ve been reading along for a while you may have noticed some subtle changes over the past few months as we moved away from being a California based blog. And that was intentional, as I was planning

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New Music: Maddie & Tae’s Debut EP Is Everything We Need


Maddie & Tae came onto the country scene with a message that rang loud and clear across radio and news headlines. They were done with the pop country music that has taken over the airwaves, consistently painting a picture of women that are unfulfilled unless they can sit on the tailgate with a country boy. While the rest of their album doesn’t

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Southern Beauty: 3 Simple Steps to Maintain Your Killer Country Curls


*Guest blogger, Denise Empey of Two Tone Umbrella based out of Newport Beach, California, shares her tips and tricks for perfect, Kimberly Schlapman-style curls!* Who do I think has the hottest head of curly hair in country music? Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town, of course. With the release of their newest album, PainKiller, those gorgeous curls have been everywhere from

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Throwback Thursday: Sometimes You Just Need A Little Faith


Do you ever have those moments when something comes to you exactly when you need it?  A song with a message that you probably needed to be reminded of, a landmark that brings back a memory, some sign you pass that on the road; little things that make you feel like you’re not alone and someone out there somewhere understands.

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Breaking News: NYC (Finally) Goes Country With FarmBorough – See The Line-Up!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.02.23 PM

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I have a serious case of wanderlust, and have previously lived in a bunch of different places. NYC just so happens to be one of the places where I’ve made a million memories. So, the news that they’re finally getting their own country music festival in the form of

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