2011 COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS – Commentary

While I felt the CMA’s were an overall success for country music. There were definitely some surprises that I didn’t expected.

The Band Perry/Zac Brown Band: Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy The Band Perry, but last night still surprised me. While Kim Perry tends to have some vocal performance issues, she definitely is a refined songwriter, especially considering her age and the fact that she’s a female writer in a very male dominated market. However, the fact that they won so repeatedly over The Zac Brown Band was kind of baffling. One listen to their album and singles shows the distinction in talent between the two. The fact that The Band Perry kept winning made the CMA’s look desperate to reach the younger audience (or more popular audience, however you want to look at it) and this seemed to be the trend that carried on throughout the rest of the night. It’s not often there aren’t talented country artists, they pride themselves on sounding good, and finding or being the best songwriters across all genres. But when one band so obviously outshines the other, it looks strange when they don’t win. Being that there was nothing in the rules about airplay, it was kind of sad that ZBB got overlooked so much.

Blake Shelton: Everyone kept saying that it was his night, that he was going to win across the board, and I was thankful that he didn’t. But I was still surprised he won over aritsts like Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. Blake has some great tunes, there’s no doubt about that, but he leaves something to be desired both performance-wise and vocally. It actually baffled me to see him teaching other artists how to perform on “The Voice” after seeing his lackluster performances over and over again. Which brings me to another point, I don’t think he’d be winning anything if he wasn’t on a popular television show that’s bringing an even wider cross-over audience to country music. I love that more people are paying attention to country music, but that doesn’t mean we should hand out awards only because an artist has done that and not much else. On the other hand, his wife is exceptionally talented. She’s an emotive and empowering performing consistently, and her songwriting skills far outshine the songs Shelton tends to release.

Taylor Swift: Lets be honest, she deserved Entertainer of the Year. Despite what some peoples gripes about her may be, her lack of vocal strength and how she’s not “really” country, she far outsold and outperformed every male that she was nominated against. She had sold-out shows in some of the largest venues across the country, she performed across the world in countries that are not usually receptive to country music, and she has a b-side song currently as the top-selling song on iTunes right now simply because it just got released. By all accounts, she IS the Entertainer of the Year, probably even over most of the pop artists that are out there right now. Taylor has a lot of growing up to do, professionally and personally, but she’s still kicking ass and taking names in the entertainment industry and that deserves to be recognized.

Lionel Richie: I’m sorry, who invited you and why?

Carrie Underwood: There is not a woman in the world who doesn’t want her legs right now. And not a man that wasn’t staring them down all night.  Holla atchu, Mike Fisher.

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