New Discovery: Jenny & Tyler

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This song isn’t particularly new, I only just happen to come across it the other day while reading through some blogs, but I fell in love almost instantly. Jenny & Tyler are a married couple living in Nashville, who bring their musical talents together to form a very endearing form of folk-pop that I can’t get enough of. The song I stumbled upon is “Faint Not”,  a lyrically hopeful and heartbreaking track that is only magnified by their understated harmony and Jenny’s sweet voice. It seems to be one couples testament to the state of the world, encouraging the listener not to be discourage by all the tragedy, and focus more on the good things that come out of our lives. I’ve listened to it over and over, and why not give others the chance to hear something good, right? Watch the video below (filmed in my favorite city in the world) and check out their website here, where they offer a free download of their EP that definitely deserves a good listen.

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