Hump Day Music – Tim McGraw “Highway Don’t Care”

Hump Day Music – Tim McGraw “Highway Don’t Care”

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I figured a little new music for your hump day would make you like me more.

This weekend I caught bits and pieces of the XM Radio sation The Highway playing some of the new songs off of Tim McGraw’s “Two Lanes of Freedom.” The album has been highly anticipated for obvious reasons (battling to get out of his Curb contract and gain creative freedom among them). I loved the songs I heard, they are most definitely some of my favorite from Tim in a really long time, but there was one specifically that caught my attention.

“Highway Don’t Care” is everything that I love about country music wrapped up in one deliciously addicting song. From the collaboration with Keith Urban (playing a beautiful crescendo of a guitar on this piece) to the addition of Taylor Swift on vocals, there are elements within that are gorgeous and fluent in movement. It’s cinematic in it’s delivery, forcing you to visualize every moment written into the lyrics, right up until the chorus where you do nothing but give in to that feeling of desperately wanting someone mingled with the thrill of driving down an empty highway in the middle of the night to some newfound freedom. It captures that feeling of turning the music up and getting lost in it while you drive, whether tears are streaming down your face or you’re laughing to yourself, anyone who loves music has had that moment of complete absorption. Everyone who contributed to the track sounds fantastic, and though I’m getting a little worn out on the whole Taylor Swift debate, she does sound great on song that is not her own.  And honestly, it’s about time these two did something together, considering how Swift got her start. Though, I’d love to hear Tim and Keith do a little singing together, I won’t ever pass up a moment to listen to Keith rip into a guitar in that way that only Keith knows how to.

There are so many great moments on “Two Lanes of Freedom,” but if I could urge you to check one  out and turn it way up, “Highway Don’t Care” is my obvious winner. Pick-up a copy of “Two Lanes of Freedom” in stores now.

So, you’re welcome. Happy Hump Day!

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