The Friday Five – #fridayfive

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  1. Jamestown Revival is playing a show this weekend at the Los Angeles venue The Mint. I’ve seen these guys once before opening for Phil Vassar alongside Gloriana. This is on the countdown because I’m super stoked to be catching their show and I think YOU should be, too. If you’re in the LA area, come out and join us for a good night of music. 
  2. Everything about Beyonce and this ridiculous display if immaturity burns my cookies. Fortunately, I was not one waiting with baited breath on whether or not she sang. Frankly, B, I don’t give a damn. 
  3. My rediscovered love for Michelle Branch and every song on Everything Comes and Goes. All thanks to a majorly eye-opening songwriting session that took place this week. This girl can sing me away from reality anytime she wants.
  4. As reluctant as I’ve been to get on the Jana Kramer bandwagon like the rest of country music fans… Whiskey is my jam. It’s the first song I heard of hers and I was hoping the rest of her album would go in this direction (instead of the “Why You Wanna” direction that makes me want to hide under the covers from second hand embarrassment).  I’m also kind of super into the video. Even though it sort of, kind of, supports alcoholism. 
  5. Lastly, I’m running a 5k Color Run this weekend. Get your health on and sign up for one in a town near you. Your heart will thank you.

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