The Friday Five – #fridayfive

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1. See, I have this friend that lives in Nashville and she has this excellent redneck landlord that does crazy shit. Like this:

“So, he just casually walked in as my roommate was getting out of the shower and I was like, “oh hi, what are you doing?” And hes all, “I need to change a light-bulb.  I was at home drinking wine trying to sleep but then i remembered…” And then he was like “LOOK AT MY TONGUE!”

This other time, she walked in on him in her apartment wearing her roommate’s cowboy hat. For some reason, in my head, I see this man:

2. On that note, I’m obsessed with the show Moonshiners and Tickle is my one true love. If you are not watching this ridiculous display of redneck life, you are MISSING OUT. This doesn’t necessarily constitute news, but I thought it was worth saying, at some point.

3. IT’S GRAMMY WEEKEND! Here’s to hoping that people like Katy Perry, Rihanna and other such nonsense do NOT take awards.  Additionally, unless you ARE Katy Perry or you work for the Grammy’s or an artist, stop tweeting about your Grammy parties every fifteen seconds.

4. Here’s some advice from yours truly. If you are an artist/actor/writer or whatever, and Facebook or ReverbNation ask you to pay for advertising on their website and other websites. DON’T DO IT. The only people who need to advertise are artists that have label backing them and have a major album or single to promote. If you’re a small fish in a rather large pound, it’s not going to make a damn difference. Get out there and advertise yourself by playing shows, networking and being real with people. Seeing ads from all these artists on Facebook just screams desperation.

5. Lastly, I’m no fashionista, but it’s Fashion Week in New York and I can’t ignore that. Mostly, these beauties that hit the runway today in the Kate Spade show. Definitely wearing them to the next ladies wine night. Thanks InStyle for the instagram!

Enjoy your weekend!

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