Hump Day Music – Luke Bryan, Ashley Monroe, The Band Perry

Hump Day Music – Luke Bryan, Ashley Monroe, The Band Perry

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I bet your Wednesday is dragging, isn’t it? Mine sure is. So here’s some awesome new releases to get you through the day. Turn up those headphones, put a little bounce in your step, and power through this Wednesday afternoon.

Luke Bryan – Spring Break… Here To Party
Is it cold and rainy where you are? Snowing, maybe? Dreary and overcast (thanks bi-polar LA weather)? Well, Luke Bryan is here to save the day. Spring Break is going to make you feel like you’re on the beach of Cancun or Miami or the Caribbean. The entire album is fun, head bobbing fun. It’s guaranteed to make you crack open a beer as soon as you turn that monitor off and take your Hump Day Happy Hour.

Ashley Monroe – Like A Rose
Maybe not as upbeat as Luke over there, but still amazing just the same. One of three members of the Pistol Annies, she’s recently performed with Kelly Clarkson and Sheryl Crow, and she’s insanely talented. With a sweet and emotional voice, she paints a picture with her lyrics and tells classic country music stories. If you’d rather have a musical partner in your Hump Day emotions, Like a Rose will most certainly be your best friend. Take a listen, you’re going to love this girl!

The Band Perry – Done
Well, they’ve gone and DONE it again (DID YOU GET THAT?!). Like I’ve said before, I was underwhelmed with their last album and a little surprised by it’s sudden and exceedingly unnatural popularity. But Done is a great follow-up to the ass kicking, get me moving Better Dig Two. I feel like Kimberly has finally learned the range that makes her voice shine, their harmonies are tighter than ever, and she sounds ten times better on these man-hating, I’ll-kill-you songs then she does on the subtle ballads. Don’t miss this track!

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