Hump Day Music – Thompson Square “That’s So Me & You”

Hump Day Music – Thompson Square “That’s So Me & You”

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Yesterday, Thompson Square was one of a few country artists to release a new album, the sophomore “Just Feels Good.” It is most definitely my favorite that was released yesterday. I was listening to it on repeat, and it’s just so sugary sweet that you can’t help but fall in love with it a little bit, filled with heartwarming moments and just enough heartbreak to make it truly country. My current favorite on the album is the, what seems to be semi-autobiographical “That’s So Me & You.” It’s a romantic song about the very essence of knowing that person that you’re with, and your quirks, not as individuals but as a couple. As a pair. Two people that have worked together to get where they are.There are lines that are unbelievably adorable, where some might think they border on cheesy, Thompson Square makes them heartfelt and romantic. My favorite? “Your eyes were so blue, your smile was so cute, just standing there with your James Dean hair and your cowboy boots.” How can you not love that? Remembering the moment that you first laid eyes on someone you love and realizing, wow, that was the moment your journey with them began.

Pick up a copy of Just Feels Good on iTunes and take a listen to “That’s So Me & You” on spotify now!

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