Music Fest Monday – The Lone Bellow

Music Fest Monday – The Lone Bellow

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The Lone Bellow


Brooklyn-based band, The Lone Bellow, have a story that is as touching as it is inspiring. Many of the bands songs were inspired by Zach William’s experience with his wife’s life-altering horseback riding accident that rocked the very foundation of their lives. After something of a miracle recovery on his wife’s part, Williams and fifteen of his best friends moved to New York to chase after their dreams and three of them came together to form The Lone Bellow. Inspired primarily by his experiences in the hospital and the road it took to get to recovery, their music is deeply reflective. Dipped in the gospel and folk aspects of the bands southern roots, their songs are rooted in personal experiences that bring out such a rush of real emotion it’s impossible not to feel it when you listen. They manage to make three part harmonies sound like a full gospel choir on songs like “Green Eyes And A Heart of Gold” and “You Never Need Nobody.” They’ve gone from playing venues like New York City’s Rockwood, where they were discovered by Charlie Peacock (who produced The Civil Wars) and were thrown into a whirlwind of recording and touring. On the verge of exploding, the members of the band have finally found the piece of mind in quitting their day jobs and pursuing their music full time. With full arrangements of touching music that is brilliantly composed, they bring something unique and beautiful to their mixed genre, not to mention voices that are as angelic as they are tragic.

The Lone Bellow will be taking the stage at Stagecoach on Saturday, April 27th and you don’t want to miss them!

You Never Need Nobody

Green Eyes And A Heart Of Gold

Two Sides Of Lonely

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