The Friday Five – #FridayFive – HAPPY MARCH!

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I KNOW, I know. I’ve been slacking. It’s both a lack of shows to go to and that fact that I’m actually setting things up for more posts weekly. Starting Sunday, I’ll have two new series going on the blog.

This Sunday I’ll be debuting the Songwriters Series which will go up every Sunday, where I’ll basically be talking about my trials and tribulations as a songwriter, and maybe even getting interviews from other up-and-coming young songwriters!

The second in the Series will be Music Fest Monday, a countdown to Stagecoach and CMA Fest, where I’ll be highlighting an individual artist that will be appearing at one of the two festivals. From large scale to newbie.  I may or may not be doing this for selfish reasons that involve creating my own personal wishlist of who to see.

But for now, here is your lackluster Friday Five.

1. This piece of art done by one of my best friends.

Which was inspired by this…

I guess we shouldn’t make fun of pregnant women… but if you’re Kim Kardashian I don’t feel bad.

2. Pre-order Leann Rimes’ new album Spitfire here for release on April 9th! Whatever you may think of her personal life, Leann is talented, more talented than 95% of the people on the radio these days. So do yourself a favor and listen to her music. Since,  you know, that’s what ACTUALLY matters.

3. We also got the tracking listings for Brad Paisley’s Wheelhouse this week! I couldn’t be more excited to hear more music from Mr. Paisley. Be sure to check out this album, also coming out on April 9th!

4. Because, I mean… Jennifer Lawrence is just perfect.

5.  Justin Bieber’s hat.

But furthermore, Damon Lindelof’s reaction to the hat which was documented in detail by the fabulous people at EW.

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