Throwback Thursday – Deana Carter “Absence of the Heart”

Throwback Thursday – Deana Carter “Absence of the Heart”

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Just as I was starting to explore country music without the help of my grandmother (who bought me my first country albums on CD), I came across this music video one morning before I went off to school, and completely fell in love. This song still remains one of my all time favorite Deana Carter tracks. I wrote down her name, ran out to my nearest Tower Records, and purchased everyone of her albums I could find. Which included “Did I Shave My Legs For This” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” which both further proved what a fantastic artist she is. I mean, “Strawberry Wine?” How can you not completely fall in love with that song!

Anyway, enjoy this Throwback Thursday pick, and I’ll see you again next week for more.

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  1. I wasn’t a fan of hers until I attended a concert a few years back and heard Strawberry Wine. Her voice is so good, she made a new fan that night.

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