ACM Weekend: Fremont Street & Chris Janson

ACM Weekend: Fremont Street & Chris Janson

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I was going to do this big old review about my Fremont Street experience because, in all honesty, it’s what I think solidifies country music as one of the best genres in music in regards to fan interaction. The free show in Downtown Las Vegas is always high energy, always full of the brightest up-and-comers and soon to be HUGE stars. Last year I saw this years Entertainer of the Year on Fremont, Luke Bryan, along with Eric Church and Hunter Hayes. The fans line up all night in order to get as close as possible to these huge country stars and witness something amazing.

This year was no different, and while I was going to go in depth about each of the acts, I think I’d really like to focus on Chris Janson. He just recently came to my attention when I heard “Better I Don’t” for the first time, then shortly after saw the video debut. I was immediately taken by the song, the energy of it and the witty, comical side to it that I absolutely love about country music. It doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s real songwriting, but it can let itself be just as fun as it can let itself be serious. And Janson has that fun side covered. To the max.


We’d been going non-stop all day at the ACM Experience and came back to our hotel on Fremont to sort of relax for a few hours before we planned to head out and see Jake Owen. But when it hit me that Chris Janson was playing, I was trying to rally the girls to head out early and check him out. All I really had to do was play the video for “Better I Don’t” and they were sold.

We mixed our Makers and Cokes and headed out onto Fremont street to line up for him not long before he started. The moment that Chris Janson took the stage I was blown away. He came out with a wildly energetic stance, full of charisma, immediately capturing the attention of every single person in the crowd. What started as a decent crowd turned into a huge one, building song after song, entranced by his skilled harmonica playing and electric personality. If I had to say it, I’d say that Jason is on the same road that Luke Bryan recently took, and he has the charisma and musicianship to make it happen. He’s a talented songwriter, with a knack for writing those feel good party songs that every country music fan loves. He was even one of the writers behind Tim McGraw’s recent hit “Truck Yeah” (which he closed the show with, much to the audiences excitement).


I’m excited to see what comes next for this Chris Janson. I think he has the makings of a country superstar, and his star is already on the rise, which has to be incredibly exciting for him and his entire team. Another thing that I love seeing, are all of these massively talented individuals behind some of country’s biggest hits getting their big day in the sun. If you don’t already have him on your radar, get him on it, I promise you that you won’t be sorry.

I’m sorry I don’t have better pictures. Fremont was more of a good time and not a “cover for the blog” experience. But hey, lets take what we can get.

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  2. Bruce McKelvey

    Working for the Transportation Group as a personal driver for the Artists at Country Thunder events I have met some nice folks over the years. Hands down, Chris and his wife Kelly and the rest of the band members are number one on my list. Chris and company treat everyone with respect and warmth . They genuinely love their fans and it shows. It’s a tough and competitive way to make a living…but keep your eye on these folks…cuz their on their way to the top. Chris and Kelly…looking forward to us meeting again soon. Rock on Brother!

    • JukeboxMixtape

      This is such a great story. Chris was the first artist I ever interviewed, I was so nervous, and he did nothing but make me feel at ease. He was so sweet and easy to talk to that it was almost like sitting down with a new friend. It definitely made me a huge fan of him as a person, on top of how much I love his music. So happy to hear other people have had the chance to experience his humble personality.

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