Hump Day Music – Katie Ohh

Hump Day Music – Katie Ohh

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Ohio native Katie Ohh came to  my attention in two ways, when I met her through a mutual friend of ours (one of my best friends, actually) and witnessed her take the stage with the eclectic rock band, Uncle Daddy. With an incredible voice, she stood on the stage and belted out a few of the songs off her EP, joining them on-stage at one point for a stirring rendition of a very popular Christmas song. This was months ago. Since then, this small town girl with the big voice up and moved to Nashville, a fitting place when you hear the mix of country rock and mainstream pop littered throughout each of her songs, and the way that she effortless brings to life beautiful stories on her self-titled debut EP. “Take Me Home” is a wild ride, windows down, wind in your hair – you can almost feel yourself on that six lane LA Freeway she sings about. It’s uplifting and hopeful, full of a electric energy that can’t be denied, and most definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. She shines just as brightly on the ballad “Not Tonight,” a heartfelt and emotional journey that sees through the demise of a relationship in all of it’s chaotic glory. In the sadness she finds a hopefulness, knowing that someday she won’t feel the ache, even if that day isn’t today.

She weaves her emotions together to make for beautiful songs, full of authenticity and reflective honesty, amplified by the massive instrumental composition of each song. With full strings and explosive choruses, she has an undeniable talent for capturing your attention, both on stage and off. Katie comes with a fearlessness that so many young musicians lack, she throws herself into her music, not for the hope of becoming famous but for the love of what she does. That in and of itself is what makes her stand-out from the crowd of hopefuls in her midst. I see things in the future for this talented young woman, and since the release of her EP a few months back, I’ve found myself consistently drawn back to her music

There’s nothing I like more than seeing a young woman grab ahold of her dreams. I see that in Katie Ohh, and I’m excited to be on this journey with her, as a fan and a friend, to witness what kind of magical things are in store for her.

Check her out at her official website and take a listen to one of my favorite tracks from her EP.

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  1. Such a great blog, I love reading here! Gave you the ABC Award, the info is on my page.

    • Thank you so much! It’s so fantastic to see that you enjoy it this much! I love yours as well and am so appreciative of the nomination 🙂

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