The Friday Five – Five Reasons To Watch The ACM Awards

The Friday Five – Five Reasons To Watch The ACM Awards

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Before we take off for Vegas for the one weekend a year that it turns into a Country Music melting pot… I wanted to give you the Friday Five.

In case you missed it, the Academy of Country Music Awards are this Sunday, April 7th at 8PM on CBS. They’re hard to miss, what with the asstastic Luke Bryan and the ridiculous Blake Shelton teaming up as hosts, it’s kind of a big deal. Especially for country music lovers. This is one of the oldest country music award shows. If you’re not interested in country music or you just don’t think you want to tune in, I wanted to give you five reasons why you absolutely SHOULD watch the award show.

1.  Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are hosting. Which means you will most definitely see something like this:

or this:

Oh, and maybe this…

2. John Mayer and Brad Paisley are performing TOGETHER. LIKE, TOGETHER, YOU GUYS. Do you know how I feel about both those men? Anyway, imagine these two beautiful sounds coming together:

Also, imagine this face when Taylor Swift sees John on stage for the first time.

3. Country Boys are HOT.

4. We successfully brought Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow, and Jewel to the dark side (AKA the AWESOME side AKA COUNTRY MUSIC).

5. Carrie Underwood’s Legs.


I mean… seriously??

So, there you go.  Hopefully now you’ll tune in. If not, we’ll be in Vegas this weekend taking in some of the free festivities, live tweeting, and generally having a good time. Follow us on twitter, @JukeboxMixtape for all our updates!

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