Friday Five – Top Five Things To Do When Visiting Nashville

Friday Five – Top Five Things To Do When Visiting Nashville

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In case you haven’t heard, I’m going to Nashville next week. My calendar is full of fun things to do, bands to see, and ridiculous traditions that I just can’t let go of (FRIED PIE). I thought it would be fun to share my Top 5 things I like to do and see when I’m in Nashville. Not just for CMA Fest, but for any time of the year, any visit of my life. If you’re planning a trip to CMA Fest next week, or you’re just hoping to head to Music City sometime in your life, hopefully these will be some things you already have on your list. If not, add them!!

1. Visit the Grand Ole Opry!

Without fail, I get chills every time I step through the doors of the Opry. You can feel the magic and the history radiating through the building. Just thinking about the incredible talent that has graced the stage, both at it’s new location, and at the old location, is enough to make me crazy. The Opry generally has two shows a night, an early show and a late show, and you can check out their calendar of performers here. On my last trip to Nashville I participated in the day time tour. The tour was probably one of my favorite activities I’ve ever done, they take you backstage and through the artist entrance, and even give you an opportunity to stand in the circle in front of the mic. It’s something that you definitely don’t want to miss if you got time to kill and plan to visit the Opry anyway!

2. The Pancake Pantry

Okay, I’ll admit it. Whenever I plan my trips to Nashville more than HALF of my planning is about where I’m going to eat. It is shocking how many amazing bars and restaurants this little city has. But this ranks as my number one place, mostly because I’m a breakfast freak, and I can’t even eat pancakes anymore if it’s not at the Pantry. When I lived in Nashville, I took EVERYONE here. Now that I don’t live there, I have to get my fill when I visit. They have a huge menu with every kind of pancake you can imagine. Usually there’s a line around the block to get in during peak hours. It’s definitely best to go on a weekday, but even then, you might experience the famous line.

3. The Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge

There’s no better place to see that amazing Downtown view then right in the center of the Shelby Street bridge. The beauty of the bridge is that it’s made for pedestrian’s, so you can take your sweet time walking across and taking pictures. It takes you from downtown Nashville, over the Cumberland river, to LP Field. Even if I don’t use it to get to a destination, I love to walk over it just to take a stroll and take in the beautiful view of the Batman building rising up over the river. It’s one of my favorite placesĀ  to reflect and take in my surroundings. On top of that, many music videos have been filmed on this bridge, making it part of country music history!

4. The Tin Roof

This place (and it’s surrounding neighborhood) holds a special place in my heart. It was a place that I frequented when I lived in Nashville since it was right down the street from my apartment. The music scene there is eclectic and electric, the inside is unique and fun, and the people are even better. It’s such a testament to what Nashville stands for as a music city. Dancing, drinking, and having a good time with good people. It’s definitely one of the best places to go out at and it’s just outside of the Downtown area, so you don’t have to dealĀ  with the hassle of parking.

5. Gigi’s Cupcakes

I know they’re in other places outside of Nashville now. But they are NOT in California. So, I still go here and stuff my face with the delicious goodness any chance I get. If you haven’t had one of their cupcakes, DO IT. All those other cupcake places don’t compare to this!

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