Jennifer Nettles Teams-up with famed producer Rick Rubin for Untitled New Solo Album

Jennifer Nettles Teams-up with famed producer Rick Rubin for Untitled New Solo Album

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I’m a huge Sugarland fan, so no doubt the news of two solo albums on the horizon from the duo is a little distressing, but I just can’t help but be excited to hear about Jennifer Nettles up-coming album. The news that she’s working with Rick Rubin (The Band Perry, MY FAVORITE Dixie Chicks album, Johnny Cash, The Beastie Boys) is something that I absolutely can not deny is going to turn into a beautiful work of art.

Of the currently untitled album, she says it will be different from what has come before. “What I do with Sugarland, primarily it’s stuff that starts with me and Kristian [Bush, Sugarland co-founder] writing together. It’s fun to play with that masculine energy, but for this I wanted to do something really personal – more intimate and emotional.” As long as she brings that stellar emotional style that she puts into every drop of Sugarland’s music, I’m so ready to hear what comes from this album.

Considering she collaborated with writers that are outside of the country music comfort zone (but that I still adore) like Sarah Bareilles and Butch Walker, there’s bound to be a different take to what we normally hear from her. I’m a huge fan of artists pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone and allowing themselves to do something different, take on new challenges, as it promotes a growth that I think we’re in constant need of not only as musicians but as human beings.

Of the five tracks that were previewed by Rubin for, they said this:

Close-miked acoustic guitars, funky grooves reminiscent of the Band and raucous honky-tonk piano flow through arrangements that Rubin calls “both ancient and modern.” It’s an ideal backdrop for Nettles’ vocals, which in this context sound simultaneously more powerhouse and organic than she ever has on record before. “It goes in a lot of cool different directions,” Rubin says. “There’s country, but also blues, jazz, island rhythms, great classic rock moments, and a lot of soul. The organizing principle is Jennifer’s voice and tastes. There’s a lot of styles, but it all sounds like her.”

Read more on the up-coming release here. What do you think of Jennifer Nettles doing her own thing? What do you think this means for Sugarland as a duo? Tweet us @JukeboxMixtape.

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  1. Interesting . I thought she was having an extended break from music to be a mother and Kristian Bush hasn’t mentioned anything about this album in recent interviews . I notice that neither does Jennifer say anything about the future of Sugarland in the Rolling Stone link . As for the record itself , it sounds like it could be great . I don’t think everything Rubin touches turns to gold , but a more rootsy sound with a more restrained Nettles is something to look forward to .

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