Live Review: Darla Beaux @ The Infusion Lounge

Live Review: Darla Beaux @ The Infusion Lounge

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While I primarily post about country music artist and events, I’m an advocate for up-and-coming artists that I feel have real talent and a bright future. I’ve been lucky enough to watch pop starlet Darla Beaux for some time now through side work I do, and I have to say, I think this young woman is really going places. Her unique take on pop music runs rampant on her debut EP “Rebel Soul,” a perfect showcase of her vocal ability, something of a mix between Adele and Amy Winehouse. Her rising star is creating buzz all over the internet, which isn’t at all surprising, considering her debut music video “Rebel Soul” was just premiered on (see the video in all it’s glory here).IMG_4312


I had the opportunity to check her out for the first time at the Infusion Lounge in Universal City. It was a 21+ club, which meant the great majority of her fanbase couldn’t get in, but Darla definitely made the best of the situation. Urging us to get up from the chairs we were sitting on to move on over to the stage, to dance and groove right along with her. And groove you must when her music starts playing. She’s an incredibly talented vocalist, that’s where she shines when she’s on stage, and she knows how to sing each song with dedication to the material. While there are moments where her youth comes through, it’s to be expected at the age of 15, she’s still a performer and musician with skills far beyond most people her age.

To me, her brightest moments are on the ballads. Her take of Bruno Mars “When I Was Your Man” was beautifully heartbreaking and she was emotionally connected to it in a way that young performers often can’t accomplish. She has a knack for tapping into the lyrical material of the song and letting that stand center stage with her, like every good artist, she’s a storyteller when she’s up among the lights. And that’s exactly what she should be. On the explosive and grooving up-tempos, she holds her own among the beat, full of charisma and consistently allowing herself to interact and connect with the audience. She knows what she’s doing, has an understanding of how to command a stage, but she never loses a sense of who she is and always allows her fun, young personality to come through.


There’s so much coming through for this young girl and I can’t wait to see where it takes her. She sets herself apart from the rest of the pop music crowd by allowing her vocals to be the powerful motivator in each one of her songs, incorporating sounds from other genres like soul and reggae, and keeping her music age appropriate while straying away from cheesy material. Even the sugary pop “Summer Dream” doesn’t come anywhere close to the cheesy love songs of Justin Bieber or One Direction.

Be sure to check out her new video here and pick up a copy of her outstanding EP “Rebel Soul” on iTunes now.

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