The Friday Five – The Five BEST Stagecoach Outfits

The Friday Five – The Five BEST Stagecoach Outfits

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So, over Stagecoach weekend my friends and I kept a steady collection of the outfits people were wearing. Some were amazingly cute, some super sexy, some on the completely ridiculous side, and others just really out there. So, I wanted to save a special Friday Five to showcase these fantastic individuals. It’s nothing like Coachella, where they’re actually trying to care about fashion in general, it’s just good fun and insanity.

1. First up, we have this dynamic group of Americans that proudly displayed their love for their country (and who I think might be a very colorful President Lincoln) with these amazing outfits.

2. This genuinely beautiful specimen that seems to be wearing only overalls. And while I’m not normally a fan of overalls, I have to say, he pulls them off. Seeing that he was walking in the opposite direction none of us were able to flag him down to get a picture from the front (or give him one of our numbers). But wherever you are, country boy, I know a couple of country girls that will shake it for you.

3. This next example is pretty much the definition of a male outfit at Stagecoach. American Flag shorts, a cowboy hat made out of a beer box, and either shirtless or wifebeater tank tops. It is seriously the uniform for a great majority of the men. And, I have to say, not the biggest fan. But it’s better than the alternative… jeans and no shirt. Or short orange shorts. No man should ever wear short orange shorts.

4. The first (and only) woman on our countdown. While most girls opted for shorts, a sundress, short skirts, and bikini tops; this chick braved it all with her ass-less chaps, a mini-tank and topped it all off with her American flag bandana. This was probably one of my favorite looks of the weekend, if only because it was unique and it takes CONFIDENCE to walk around with your ass hanging out.


5. Last up is this guy.

Complete with cowboy boots, a camo fishing hat, and an apron that has a baby on it. We were stunned when we saw him running towards in this get-up. I mean, I’m really interested to know what was behind his thought process when he got dressed that morning. I feel like I’m on the outside of an inside joke. And you know what, it gets even better. When he came back into our section from his excursion to join his group again, we got a look at the backside. AND MAN, WAS IT THE BEST.



I’d like to thank everyone on this list, and Stagecoach itself, for being so creative and unique in your outfit selections. You literally had us all jumping for the camera every five seconds. Stagecoach would not be what it is with you guys, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

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  1. I was once at a rock festival here in Britain and a guy wandered past completely naked – he acted as though there was nothing strange about that at all .

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