The Lone Bellow cover “Always Be My Baby”

The Lone Bellow cover “Always Be My Baby”

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Last night, while I was lounging in bed, I saw a tweet come through my feed from The Lone Bellow. They were alerting all us Los Angeles residents that they would be playing a last minute show, that night, at 11PM in Hollywood. It was 10:20. I jumped out of bed, put my clothes on, dabbed make-up on my face and ran out the door. I made it to the venue around 11:15, and luckily, they hadn’t started yet.

The place was packed, the set was amazing (as usual), but since I did my full review just a few days ago I’ll spare you from hearing all about how insanely amazing I think they are again. They did a surprise (even to the band) rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” which I happen to capture on video. It was clearly not something the had rehearsed, and granted their own songs are so much more rocking then this, but I thought it was fun and wanted to share. I hope you enjoy and HAPPY THURSDAY (which means ALMOST three day weekend time)!

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  1. I LOVE THEM! glad you got to go 🙂 thanks for sharing

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