CMA Fest: Gloriana on the Riverfront

CMA Fest: Gloriana on the Riverfront

If you know me, you know that I couldn’t let our CMA Fest coverage get away from me without a little bit of Gloriana sneaking in. While I only caught the tail end of their Riverfront performance, and my spam box ate my invite to their fan club party, I’m always grateful for any little bit of them I get to see. I’ve been following them for years now and they never fail to bring butterflies to my stomach when they do “Kissed You (Goodnight)” or treat an audience to “Carolina Rose.” Seeing their star rise more and more each year, being witness to all the great things that have come their way, they’re what I like to call my little baby band. I only have a few, artists or bands that I am passionate about and am probably a little desperate to get my friends and family to pay attention to (ask my mom, she got forced into a Gloriana show at HOB Anaheim and is now OBSESSED with “Kissed You”).

So, while I’ll spare you my absolute adoration in the form of a review, I did want to share my pictures with you and give them a little Jukebox Mixtape action. Follow them on twitter at @GlorianaTheBand and head to their official website for tour dates (they’re performing at a winery in Temecula in July, I can’t go, so you SHOULD)!














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