Music Monday – Michaelis “Shoot Straight”

Music Monday – Michaelis “Shoot Straight”

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Michaelis are an up-and-coming country band comprised of three sisters from Texas; Meagan (lead vocals), Mallory (rhythm guitar/vocals), and Madeline (guitar/mandolin/vocals). Miraculously (or not so much these days), I discovered them via twitter when someone I follow retweeted a link that took me directly to their music. Without even a picture to give me an idea of what I might hear, or any indication what was going to pop out out of my speakers, I found myself immediately into the slow grooving track “Shoot Straight.” Their sound is distinctly country, with a low, slow burning old school vibeĀ  that’s piled high with dynamic harmonies. “Shoot Straight” itself has something of 1990’s Sheryl Crow vibe to it, twinged with a bit of steel guitar and country flavored finger picking. While they could make music like their girl group peers, The Pistol Annies, they have a unique sound that sets them far apart from the atmospheric production quality in so many of the group albums these days, as well as the almost TOO bad-ass, man-hating topics so many women are tackling. They manage to get their point across without any guns involved. Lead singer, Meagan, has a beautifully low voice full of attitude and emotion, and she puts it to good use as she begs her lover to be straight with her and say exactly what he’s thinking on their debut single, “Shoot Straight.”

While the group has been working hard on their debut album with producer David Brainard (Jerrod Niemann, Brandy Clark), they’ve been hitting the tour circuit for years in their native Texas and beyond. The trio is not only beautiful and fashionable (I mean, I want everything they’re wearing in this picture), but full of a raw talent that they’re eager to share with anyone that will listen. Be sure to check out the lyric video for “Shoot Straight” and let me know what you think about the Michaelis! Their official website has details on tour information and up-coming releases.

I’m hoping they make their way to California soon so we can check out a live show!

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  1. Great recommendation. I’m listening to the other songs on their website as I type this – these ladies are quite talented.

  2. This made my day!! Oh my goshhh! Thank you so much for the kind words. You totally get what we’re trying to say, who we are, and the music. We will DEFINITELY do our best to come play in Cali. You rock!! -all 3 Michaelis girls

    • You three are incredibly sweet! I’m so happy that we conveyed your music so well. We can’t wait to see you, either here in California or on one of our many travels across the country! <3

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