Throwback Thursday – Tim McGraw & Luke Bryan

Throwback Thursday – Tim McGraw & Luke Bryan

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Back in 2011, before Luke Bryan had won ACM’s Entertainer of the Year and just when “Country Girl” was beginning to take off, I had the pleasure of working for a country radio station in Boston. This meant that I got in to the Tim McGraw show that summer, and witness the intensity that was Luke Bryan performing, in person for the first time. As a performer, he blew me away. He had so much energy and personality and charisma, that I just felt as if I was standing in the presence of something that was going to be huge. I was absolutely and completely blown away by him that night.  Now I look at where he is and I like to think that I knew he was special before most of the world.

Also, Tim McGraw had a broken foot and STILL brought the entire crowd to their feet throughout most of the show. Being a country music fan most of my life, this was a wild experience for me, because it was my first time see Tim McGraw in person after years and years of listening to his music. Needless to say, there’s a reason he’s Tim McGraw. And a good one.

Now, on to the pictures!

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