Music Monday – Joe Bachman “A Soldier’s Memoir”

Music Monday – Joe Bachman “A Soldier’s Memoir”

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Country music is known for it tribute songs; tributes to those who have died and fought for their country, to mothers and fathers, lovers, and children. These tributes almost always come from the outside looking in, paying respect and love to the people who have done the most for us when we were truly in need. Joe Bachman takes his newest tribute single, “A Solider’s Memoir” in a completely different direction. The piano-driven ballad is an emotional tearjerker from the first note, exposing the complete confusion and uncertainty that so many of our brave soldiers return home with. While tackling the incredibly difficult subject of PTSD, Bachman took to heart stories from soldiers that had opened up to him with their battles, and translated them to a beautifully melodic piece of music that is heartbreaking at it’s very core. The billowing rise of the chorus is an explosion in itself, while the lyrics capture the essence of not being able to let go of memories you’d rather never remember, a testament to the every day battle PTSD brings to those that suffer from it. “They taught me how to put that uniform on, I just can’t get it off…” remains the most telling line of the song, one ample with meaning that so many of us may not understand, but that we can only hope to help heal in any way possible. This song is not a simple thank you to our armed forces, it’s an eye opening realization that their journey doesn’t end when they step foot inside their homes, they are still battling on our behalf long after the war is over.

Taking on a song about PTSD can be difficult for so many reasons, it’s a touchy subject full of painful memory for many, but Joe Bachman came to the idea with the highest level of grace and compassion. His undeniable talent and complete admiration and love for our soldiers shines through in every word he sings. While he may not have returned home from a chaotic battlefield, he conveys the stories of those that have in a respectful, stunningly emotional way on “A Soldier’s Memoir.” The single will be out on iTunes tomorrow, July 16th, with a portion of the proceeds going to The Boot Camp Campaign, but you can currently take a listen at Joe’s official website.

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