Music Monday – Sarah Darling “Little Umbrellas” Video

Music Monday – Sarah Darling “Little Umbrellas” Video

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Sarah Darling first captured my attention when I heard her song “Home To Me.” Its clever comparison and the sweetness of her voice immediately made me fall in love with it. I’m a sucker for sweet little country ballads, and she hit it right on the head with this single, apparent in it’s use in that one episode of “The Bachelor” (in which I was hoping they’d focus more on her singing then the couple at hand). One thing is for certain, it made me pay attention to an artist that I had yet to hear anything from, but that was clearly rising her way up the ranks of the country music scene.

Today, she released the video for her newest single “Little Umbrellas,” and while it’s different than what I’ve heard from her before, it’s perfect for this west coast summer heatwave I’m dealing with. Driving with the top down, splashing your friends with water at a summer pool party, rocking those killer shades that you spend hours picking out at target. Then there’s the obvious, serving up little coconut flavored ice blended drinks, with little umbrellas sticking right out of the glass. It may be a break-up song in actuality, but it’s also a well executed summer anthem about forgetting all your day-to-day problems and allowing yourself to be free. Even if it’s just in your back yard with a bunch of friends.

It makes me want to run out to the nearest tropical bar, order myself a mai tai, and kick my feet back on the outside patio while I soak in the sun. Only, I kind of want to wait until this excessive heat leaves the valley… The release of “Little Umbrellas” could not have come at a better time, with all the BBQ’s, pool parties and mixed drinks that are sure to be served over this 4th of July weekend. So, turn this video on and up, and get ready to kick off the summer holiday!

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  1. I saw her in Nashville this year and thought her voice was fantastic.

    • I’m so jealous! I wanted to catch her at CMA Fest but I had so much going on, I didn’t have time. Hopefully, she’ll come out my way soon.

      • I don’t think I videod anything with my iPad. I’ll look and if so, I’ll share. By Friday, I was weary of technology. I think I was filming FGL when Taylor walked out and people started flipping out. Sarah just needs the right three minutes, radio is so slow to realize real talent. I’m not always convinced they know.

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