Hump Day Music – 8 Weird Situations from NYSNC’s “This I Promise You” Video

Hump Day Music – 8 Weird Situations from NYSNC’s “This I Promise You” Video

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In honor of their short lived reunion on the VMA’s, one of my best friends linked a group of us the video for “This I Promise You.” Way back when, in high school, this was not only one of my favorite songs (despite the fact that I was a Backstreet Boy fan) but I thought this video was AH-MAZING. Watching it as a grown ass woman is a completely different story. Here are some of the weirdest moments we compiled while doing a group facebook watch…

1. Five guys, just randomly standing around in a forest. Totally cool and normal.

2. Oh and they’re catching bubbles.

Truly fascinated.

3. And subsequently turning into bubbles…

4. Also, why is Justin wearing a women’s sweater?!

Seriously, I think I had this sweater in 2003.

5. Furthermore, what are they ALL wearing.


What had to die to make these pants?

6. They end this video by casually sitting down to lunch in San Fran.

( We see you with that Vodka Cran, Chris. )

7. Just five guys, sitting in a restaurant, singing to one another.

Lance is into it, JC.

8. And as Justin riffs us gently, Joey puts ketchup on his fries.

Not helping the FAT-ONE jokes, here.

I hope you enjoyed this little flashback. Want a little more, listen to the song on repeat and lets head on back to the good old days of pop music!

We miss NSYNC, too, Justin.

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  1. #6 – SF not NYC.

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