Kelly Clarkson – “Tie It Up” Music Video

Kelly Clarkson – “Tie It Up” Music Video

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I’ve been championing for Kelly Clarkson to make her way into the country music market, pretty much since the moment she started inching her way in and showing interest, starting with her duet with Reba. While I’m not usually one that likes when artists in the pop market start a country music career, for Kelly, I will make an exception (or anyone, really, that has great talent and real heart for country). But, “Tie It Up” has not won me over. It doesn’t sound country, in fact it sounds like just another Kelly Clarkson song. Normally, that would be fine, I love Kelly and think she has a phenomenal voice, but I was hoping for a little something more from her debut country single. Maybe some steel guitar over the electric guitar. Maybe a more acoustic feel. This has none of those things (and no, the five seconds of Banjo doesn’t count for anything). It’s just another version of “Since You’ve Been Gone” with a big dash of happiness.

Anyway, the video is cute, if not totally predictable. Check it out below!

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  1. It’s a cute and catchy song, especially considering her engagement, but I agree, if you’re going to make the jump and cross over to country (which I am also very excited about her doing), then do it. Go country. This song would be wonderful with a more acoustic and southern sound, but it sounds like she was scared to jump all in, so she just put another toe in the water. Maybe one day she’ll go to her ankle, although I’d rather her just take the plunge and cannonball into country.

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