Music Monday – Jennifer Nettles “That Girl”

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550978_607869912586532_1634154414_nSugarland fans are in for a surprise when they hear the snippet of the new Jennifer Nettles single. Though there’s no doubt that Nettles has always had the vocal chops that allow her to sing emotional circles around most vocalists, she has a completely different vibe on her debut solo single, “That Girl.” While it’s still country, the slow grooving track allows her to tap into the very soulful qualities of her voice that were often forgotten on Sugarland’s albums. She has a slow, Texas-style drawl that drips like honey over the rambling hand clapping, her own melodic vocal line providing the bulk of the sound while the instrumentation remains stripped down. It allows her to shine where she should the most, in her vocals.

On a song about falling for a man that’s already taken, she has plenty of wit and attitude to spread around, and when the chorus picks up to a steady groove you can’t help but find yourself bobbing your head right along with her. It’s definitely something different, not as mainstream catchy as something like “Stuck Like Glue,” and a heck of a lot more centered on Jennifer’s personal talents, but it makes for a fun song that opens our eyes to what this musician can do on her own.

The full song hasn’t been released to many, but you can check out this snippet released by Big Frog 104 here.


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  1. LOVE the song!

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    I am LOVING Jennifer Nettle’s new music! Can’t wait to hear more!!

  3. Sounds good – looking forward to this album and a little less of the Sugarland bombast . Love her voice .

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