Music Monday: Jessie Payo “Heaven Help Me”

Music Monday: Jessie Payo “Heaven Help Me”

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A few years back I attended a charity fundraiser with a friend, the fundraiser was in a little lounge in Hollywood, and there were a number of up-and-coming musicians that played to entertain the crowd that had come to support the cause. Great talent graced the stage that night, mostly young women, showcasing what they were all about and inspiring other young women. One of the women I saw on stage that night was Jessie Payo. She was enigmatic and energetic and had an absolutely beautiful voice. Right now, I can’t really recall what kind of sound she had, but whatever it was it was enough for me to seek her out and start following her on social media. One thing is for sure, her new sound is something that I’m crazy about, especially for an LA Native that has worked in every genre from blues to pop.

This year she started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of her new EP “Up the Hill, Down the Mountain,” and it was a complete success. She exceeded the goal she set for herself and her fans, and is currently on the verge of release the much anticipated EP. The first single, “Heaven Help Me,” has an atmospheric Americana sound to it. Her unique voice is ample with emotion as it rambles over the smattering of tambourine, hand claps, and harmonies. It’s a song of self reflection in those moments when the hard times get you down and you just need a hand to help you out. Whether that’s a larger deity or a good friend, and sometimes, even yourself. It’s about having faith that you can find a way out of the dark spaces, and she conveys all of that in her subtle phrasing and sunny instrumentation. She manages to infuse the dark topic with a sense of positivity and hope, which makes the song that much more interesting.

I’m excited to see what comes from the EP. Be sure to check out her official website for news of the release date, and take a listen below to “Heaven Help Me.”

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  1. Really like the sound of this – one to keep an eye on .

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