New Music Tuesday: Brett Eldredge, Jake Owen & The Civil Wars!

New Music Tuesday: Brett Eldredge, Jake Owen & The Civil Wars!


Brett Eldredge – Bring You Back

Finally! We get to hear the soulful, country twang of Brett Eldredge on songs like “On And On,” “One Mississippi” & “Mean to Me” over and over and over again. Today is the highly anticipated release of “Bring You Back,” an album that feels like it has been forever in the making and is full of fun, upbeat tunes running rampant with attitude and humor. Not to mention the beautiful, soul-infused ballads that make you want to melt into Brett’s arms and never let go (too creepy?? Sorry). The reviews so far have been phenomenal, and as I sink into the rest of it, you’re bound to get one from us, too. For now, head on over and check out the whole album, then let us know what you think. Check out some of my favorite Brett songs below. Don’t forget to purchase it on iTunes or at your local retail store!

Jake Owen – Days of Gold

Now, I’ve already had my day in the sun with this, but I had to include it. It’s officially up for purchase on iTunes today so we can all get our fill. Check it out again below, and then head over and buy it. Son has a lot of medical bills to make up for!


The Civil Wars (Self Titled)

I’ve been impatiently waiting on the release of this album. As much as I absolutely loved Barton Hollow, I’ve been attached to each of the songs I’ve heard on the new album in a deeply emotional way. While they’ve always been able to allow their songs to be ample with emotion, this new release seems to be overflowing with it, in a beautiful and dissonant way. Be sure to check out a few of the tracks below and pick up the album today!

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