New Music Tuesday: Luke Bryan & John Mayer

New Music Tuesday: Luke Bryan & John Mayer

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Luke Bryan – We Run This Town

Luke Bryan’s Crash My Party was released today and I’m IN LOVE with it. Luke has a distinct way to him that infuses his music with effortless fun, creating that relaxed, emotional getaway that so many of us turn to music for. Especially when it comes to country music. There are so many different aspects of country music that make it special, from the emotional storytelling that brings a tear to your eye, to the image in your head of standing around a bonfire with all your friends drinking a beer on the tailgate of a truck. If you’ve ever partied at a music festival, stood around a bonfire at the beach, or out in the woods while your friends are blasting music and running around; you know exactly what Luke Bryan is trying to conjure in so many of his songs. While he can venture into that emotional ground, he excels so much at creating that experience of togetherness, camaraderie, and an uplifting sense of hope and community. That’s why I picked We Run This Town as my song to highlight. While I’m still getting to know the landscape of Crash My Party, this song specifically reminds me so much of me and my friends. How I feel when we run around the streets of Nashville, lay out in the sun in a polo field out in Coachella Valley, and that feeling just before the lights go up at a show. For that moment, we are not only together, but we are invincible. And Luke Bryan, well, he just gets that. Be sure to pick-up your copy of Crash My Party today!

John Mayer featuring Katy Perry – Who You Love

To be honest, I don’t like Katy Perry, and I wasn’t at all excited to hear that she’d be featured on a song off of John Mayer’s new album Paradise Valley. The song, not surprisingly, is still a quintessential John Mayer song in sound and verse, and he doesn’t seem to let anyone take that sound away from him despite the appearance of an over the top popstar. While I understand Perry had something of understated beginning as a guitar playing Christian music star, I’m still not a fan of her voice, her diction, or anything else that comes with her music. My least favorite part of Who You Love is her verse (not surprisingly), though it doesn’t bother me quite as much as I expected it to, and she keeps her weird phrasing at a minimum. Still, I wish that John had sung the entire song himself and maybe just kept her in the background (a la Taylor Swift on “Half of My Heart all those moons ago when they were friends/lovers). But, as always with weird musician relationships, you can’t always get what you want. That being said, I still think the song is beautiful, the lyrics are true to form and incredibly honest, which has become something of a thing for John over his last release and this one. I like this honest John, the one who isn’t a victim to heartbreak that he brought upon himself. It feels like he’s growing up and I appreciate the growth more now than ever. Additionally, iTunes is allowing you to stream the entire album Paradise Valley here. I haven’t had a chance to take a full listen, but I fully intend on it some time today.

Listen to Who You Love

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