New Music Tuesday: What’s New This Week?

New Music Tuesday: What’s New This Week?

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John Mayer – Paradise Valley

We’ve been talking about it for weeks, but it’s finally out. This more upbeat sequel, of sorts, to his 2012 release “Born and Raised,” finds John in a better mental state with a more upbeat and positive feel throughout the tracks. He’s drifted from his apology stage that ran rampant on the last record, seemingly more ready to take on the world and the critics that come along with it. There are some great tracks on this record, some of my favorites include “Wildfire, “I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea),” and “You’re No One ‘Til Someone Lets You Down.” To name a few. This album continues with that California country style, ripe with pedal steel, harmonica, and a few instances of laid-back acoustic rambling. I love this sound for John and feel it’s an easy transition from his heavily blues inspired tracks that came before it. Be sure to pick up a copy of “Paradise Valley” today!


Charlie Worsham – Rubberband

This Mississippi natives debut album is already being hailed as one of the best country albums of 2013! Charlie Worsham is known for his authentic and honest songwriting, crafting an album that’s a real treat to listen to, with descriptive lyrical stories that earworm their way into your mind over and over again. The first single off the album, “Could It Be,” is a truly sweet, catchy ray of sunshine about those moments when you first start falling for someone. He strays away from the party time feel of many of his male counterparts to make for music that is both romantic and introspective. With a bit of Keith Urban charm to his songwriting, not to mention his eye-catching good looks, and energetic stage presence; there’s no doubting that Charlie is about to take the world by storm with this major label debut. There are plenty of soaring choruses, sing-a-long verses, and unforgettable melodies wrapped up in this piece of country music gold. Be sure to check out “Could It Be,” “Rubberband,” “Want Me Too,” and “Mississippi in July.” Don’t miss your chance to get on board with the Charlie Worsham bandwagon while it’s just heating up! We’re heading out to see him this weekend and can’t wait to share it with you. Go get your copy of “Rubberband” NOW!

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  1. Love me some John Mayer! This one sounds as though it should be a good album. Thanks, great post!

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