The Friday Five – Five Reasons We Love Brett Eldredge

The Friday Five – Five Reasons We Love Brett Eldredge

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It’s no secret we love ourselves some Brett Eldredge.  Last week we gave you five wonderful reasons we love Kip Moore, and this week in honor of “Bring You Back” FINALLY being released, we’re dedicating this week’s Friday Five to Brett.

1.  His music.

This goes without saying.  The first time I heard “Don’t Ya” on the radio, I scrambled to find my phone and asked shazam who’s voice was pumping through my speakers.  Then we saw him live at CMA Fest and it was love.  Tracks like “Tell Me Where To Park,” “On And On,” “Gotta Get There” and “Beat Of The Music” immediately made my “what’s left of summer” playlist.  I’m reserving “Bring You Back,” “One Mississippi,” and “Mean To Me” for repeat on a dramatic listening session on an emotional day.  If you haven’t already PURCHASED (key word here, buy the damn thing) the record, what are you waiting for?  Buy it here!


2.  His live performance.

I’ve seen this man take the stage in a room full of people who only knew his single, and by the end of his set, the audience was completely captivated.  His energy is infectious and most importantly, when he’s on stage he is genuinely having the TIME OF HIS LIFE.  Anyone can be a great musician or singer, but it takes something special to be a great performer.

3.  His sense of humor.

Musicians take themselves seriously.  Sometimes TOO seriously.  Brett, on the other hand, creates infomercials and Vine’s that are absolutely ridiculous.  We like ridiculous.  If you don’t already follow him on Vine, you’re crazy.  Watch his tour workout, his transformation into Bretty Poppins and most importantly, Brett chasing after a goose.  Also, this infomercial… Need I say more?

4. His WONDERFUL fashion sense.

I’d like to officially crown Brett as the best dressed man in country music.  In an industry where the standard includes boots, jeans and t-shirt, Brett dares to be dapper.  The man rocks a pink shirt possibly better than I ever could.  Honestly, I’m starting to think this man doesn’t OWN a pair of jeans.  But I’m okay with that.  Boy you wear those slacks just riiiiiiight… 

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5. The fact that he’s just as excited about his album as we are.





I could sit here and give you MORE reasons to love Brett, but I won’t because it all speaks for itself.  He’s a real gem and on his way to being one of the next big stars in country music.

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