The Friday Five: Five Songs Inspiring Me Right Now

The Friday Five: Five Songs Inspiring Me Right Now

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With summer comes the release of so many new albums, late enough in the year to be enjoyed by those of us going on beach-y vacations, but early enough to be considered for those coveted Grammy awards. For me, this has been a summer where each release seems to exceed the one before it, throwing songs at me that touch my heart and inspire me to keep believing in the goodness of humanity and hold on to hope that things will get better. It’s been a tumultuous summer for me, so some of this music has essentially saved my heart and mind from going into overdrive. Here are some of my picks for most inspiring songs of the summer, without any commentary, because so many of these speak for themselves.

1. Sara Bareilles – Chasing The Sun

2. The Civil Wars – Same Old Same Old

3. John Mayer – On The Way Home

4. JohnnySwim – Adelina

5. The Black Lillies – The Fall


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