Music Monday – Toby Lightman “Holding a Heart”

Music Monday – Toby Lightman “Holding a Heart”

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It’s Monday again (doesn’t it feel like they’re coming so much quicker these days?). Nothing gets me through a Monday like some good music. This morning was a little gloomy and subdued for me, which is why the newest release from Toby Lightman seems to be fitting right in with my mood. I’m absolutely obsessed with her “Holding a Heart” EP, featuring the single of the same name, a soft and emotional ballad that highlights her whispering vocals. She has an ethereal quality to her that reminds me of what Sara Bareilles  would sound like with the rush of rock/pop instrumentation of Psapp. Her songs get placement in everything from television to movies, so chances are if you don’t know her, you’ve actually heard her voice floating through one of your favorite scenes before. Most recently, she had five songs featured on one single episode of  ABC Family’s The Fosters. She has a firm grip on emotional storytelling, with catchy choruses and memorable beats, she’s definitely one of those musicians that manage to make music perfect for contemplating your life or sitting in a car as you manuever through the LA traffic (aka my morning). One of my favorites right now is “All This Silence.”

If you’re in the LA area, Toby will be playing a show at The Hotel Cafe on September 25th, 2013 at 8PM! Be sure to check her out if you get the chance (it actually looks like it’s shaping up to be an amazing night of music at the Cafe).

Take a listen below and let me know what you think! Hopefully this helps you get through your Monday with a little more ease. Tweet us @JukeboxMixtape or comment below.

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