New Music Tuesday: Chris Janson & Sara Evans

New Music Tuesday: Chris Janson & Sara Evans

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Chris Janson EP

This has been a long time coming for those of us who have been following Chris Jason. While this isn’t the full length we were hoping for, it’s a great glimpse into the music he’s been hard at work on for over a year now. It features his newest single “Cut Me Some Slack” as well as the break out song “Better I Don’t.” In addition to those, his heartfelt ode to the love of his life (his beautiful wife), “When I’m Holding Her” thankfully made the cut for the EP. The ballad is one of Jason’s favorites, and you can definitely tell that he means every word when you give it a listen, which is ample with his distinct emotional timbre. “Redneck Revival” and “Corn” are sure to be favorites of any serious country music listener. They give you a look into his gritty, redneck childhood, while offering up his witticisms and personality all at the same time. Most of these songs I had the pleasure of hearing during CMA Fest week, and I’m so happy to finally see them living out their life on this EP. Head on over to iTunes to pick-up a copy today!

Sara Evans – Slow Me Down

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard new music from Sara Evans, one of the defining female voices in country music, if you ask me. I’ve grown up hearing her voice and can’t help but love everything she releases. “Slow Me Down” is different for her, but still retains the emotional backdrop that is littered with every single song and album she releases. It carries a bit more of a pop-country feel to it, as the single gets off to a slow and fluid start. The chorus kicks in with an explosive rise, tumbling drums, heavy vocal lifts, and it fills instantly with harmonic intensity. You add to that the dynamic use of strings and it makes for a truly heart-pounding song that’s filled with the frenzied emotion that the lyrics speak of. All together, it’s an exciting song for Sara, showcasing her vocal range in a way that is both frenzied and composed. Definitely a perfect song for rocking out in the car with the windows down. The single is on iTunes now!

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