New Music Tuesday: Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow & Striking Matches

New Music Tuesday: Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow & Striking Matches


Striking Matches – Trouble Is As Trouble Does

This guitar driven duo is back at it with the release of their newest single “Trouble Is As Trouble Does.” They bring to life the dueling guitar feel that explodes off the stage when you see them in a live setting, really dipping into their unique sound on this uptempo track. The rush of fingerpicking, their blues-infused vocals, and steadfast harmonies allow fans of Striking Matches to get everything they could want from this song. The catchy and dramatic chorus will immediately catch the attention of new listeners. But it’s the hard hitting, instrumental bridge that really tops off this track, with a rumbling bass line and heavy handed guitar playing that is unmistakeably their forte. It’s no surprise that I’m in love with this duo, but I think if you give this track a listen, you will be, too. Pick it up on itunes for only 99 cents today!

Sheryl Crow – Feels Like Home

As a fan of Sheryl Crow since her very first record, I’ve gone through the ebb and flow of her albums, sometimes loving them and sometimes able to do without. While I haven’t made my way through Crow’s first country labeled album (honestly, she’s always had a little twang to her), I’ve been incredibly excited about it. I was a big fan of “Easy,” as it has that laid-back, no frills sound that I’ve always loved from Crow. While you can still say the song is rooted in pop, it’s country enough for country radio, and I think that’s pretty much the point when releasing radio singles. First track “Shotgun” has a more country blues feel (which I LOVE) as does “Give It To Me” a slower, emotional ballad. In any case, I’ll definitely be giving this a longer listen.

Keith Urban – Fuse

Keith Urban. He can’t go wrong in my eyes. I absolutely love everything from his country rock anthems with heavy electric guitar solos, to those deeply emotional ballads that seem to be rooted in his own life’s journey. I’ve already had a blast listening to the banjo driven “Somewhere In My Car” and the oddly sentimental “Cop Car.” I was slow going on the single “A Little Bit of Everything,” but the farther we got into summer, the more I loved it. It had that languid, lazy summer day written right into the free flowing guitar line. Still have to get deeper into the album, but so far, it’s got a little bit of everything I love about Keith Urban. To me, he’s been entertainer of the year for years, someone who knows how to light up a song and rev up an audience. He’s one of the true talents in country music, and while he’s a huge megastar, I still feel like he isn’t given enough credit. Maybe “Fuse” will be exactly what will make that happen for him.

Keith Urban –

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