The Friday Five: 5 Reasons I’m Sick of Celebrities This Week

The Friday Five: 5 Reasons I’m Sick of Celebrities This Week

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1. Miley Cyrus

A classless and tasteless Rolling Stone cover and interview. Where she talks about all her urban friends and the drugs she likes and dislikes. While this young woman is desperately trying to be viewed as an adult, she’s coming off as  whiny, out of control young women who has no sense of reality and a disproportionate sense of entitlement in conjunction with her talent. I will not sit here and pretend she’s the only one in the music business behaving this way, but I’m getting so sick of seeing these same, marginally talented individuals, run around like they are God’s gift to the world of music. Not to mention her praise of using drugs. I may be more prudish than most, but I will never support the glamorization of drug use when there are so many families and individuals desperately struggling against addiction of some kind. It’s not a game, Miley Cyrus. Drugs ruin lives, they ruin families, and they destroy futures. How about you actually grow up and act like a responsible adult? You can still run around naked, if you please, just don’t talk about things when you’ve clearly lived a very sheltered lifestyle in which the darkside of life has been hidden from you. Stop.


2. Kanye West

The way that he behaves as if he’s doing us all a favor by putting his music out into the world. I’ve never been a big hip hop music fan, it just wasn’t my thing and I could never really get into it, so I don’t pretend to know anything about his level of talent next to some other guy like, say, Jay-Z. But seriously, every  time he opens his mouth and talks about his “Rock Star Status” or how genius he is, I want to just turn off the internet, shut down twitter, and hide in a dark room far, far away from him. Add to that his love of drama, with his constant twitter rants against someone new every week, and the way he attacks paparazzi for paying attention to him when that is clearly what he’s most desperate for. It’s just tiring. This man has a baby, someone he’s going to influence and raise, probably to be the next self entitled little Miley Cyrus. So… lets just let that sink in for a minute.

3.  Britney Spears

Particularly her new song. Truth be told, I generally love Britney. I was obsessed with her in high school and used to find her incredibly entertaining. Those days faded away a long time ago. She lacks the fire and energy she used to have, and her songs are turning in to vapid club pop that I’ve never been a big fan of. I always had a distaste for remixes, heavy bass, and a lack of anything good to say. “Work Bitch” is sort of all of that just wrapped up into a song that is not a remix and actually really annoying.  They gave a Vegas show to a performer that doesn’t even seem to enjoy doing what she does for a living, and I’m interested to see if she really is ready to step it up, or this is just her trying to get even more money that she most certainly doesn’t need (and isn’t even allowed to spend). I get that she’s been through a lot, that she has a lot of psychological issues I can not possibly understand, but that makes this whole Vegas situation even more disturbing. We should put someone with psychological, dependency issues in the middle of sin city? I don’t know, you guys. I don’t know.

4. Melissa Joan Hart

I’m mostly just mad she’s destroying my entire childhood by airing her dirty laundry to the world. I mean, I’m glad she came out of all of that and turned out relatively normal, despite experimenting with drugs and sleeping with some extremely questionable individuals (Nick Carter, REALLY?). But, I didn’t need to know these things. I’m none the wiser after she shared this information. I’m actually curled up in a bawl sobbing because Clarissa Explains It All went a little too far with her explaining.


5. Any of the Kardashians.

I don’t need any reasons. Just, no.

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