Hump Day Music: Jill & Kate

Hump Day Music: Jill & Kate

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It’s actually surprising that I haven’t heard of Jill & Kate until today. This singer/songwriter duo toured with Kelly Clarkson last year, they write beautiful understated pop music that is vocally stunning, and they’re two girls that know what to do with a good harmony. I’ve been listening to them all morning, absolutely in love with everything on their last album “Heart of Stone” (of which they’ve released a live version in August). I’m obsessed. Everything that is good and right in music is what they’re made up of. I got to their album “Songs on the 17th, Vol I” and pretty much burst in to tears when it hit “East Coast Bound.” That song is literally EVERYTHING I can identify with and incredibly heartfelt in a literal sense. I’ve listened to it several times now, and couldn’t help but share it for Hump Day Music.

Please, if you haven’t already, go and check them out. They’re extremely talented songwriters and vocalists, and there’s so much great music to take in on each of their releases. But first, check out “East Coast Bound.” Anyone that’s ever dreamed of real seasons or grew up on the East Coast, will definitely appreciate everything about this song.

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