Live Review: Charlie Worsham @ The Corona Food Truck Festival

Live Review: Charlie Worsham @ The Corona Food Truck Festival

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A couple months back (late, I know), we attended the Corona Food Truck Festival hosted by KFROG, mainly to see the incredible Charlie Worsham. It was an insanely hot day in the Inland Empire, but luckily, there was plenty of food and water to keep us all going throughout the fun activities of the day. We sampled a few food trucks, drank a lot of water, and took our seats in the front row to catch Charlie when he took the stage.

I’d seen Charlie play in Nashville at the CMT Award Warner Music Fan After Party but this was a whole different experience. That night was completely crazy, we’d been running around Nashville all day, and while I appreciated the music I heard I didn’t get a chance to really pay the attention I needed. Not to mention, I hadn’t heard any of Charlie’s music yet, I was completely unfamiliar with him. Still, it was more than enough to get my attention. When Charlie’s album, Rubberband, was finally released, it was an eye opening listening experience that made me certain I had to catch him live again. I was immediately enamored with this album, caught up in the youthful exuberance that captures your early 20’s on the addictive “Young To See,” inspired by the autobiographical (at least to me) “Someone Like Me” and moved to tears the first time I heard “Mississippi in July.” Upon first listen, there wasn’t one song on Rubberband that I wanted to skip over. There wasn’t one that I didn’t want to listen to on repeat. It’s an incredibly honest, self reflective look at the life of a twenty-something. He has a knack for turning a conversational lyric into a melodic work of art, hooky enough to get stuck in your head and beg for yet another listen, drawing you back in again and again. In my opinion, Rubberband is one of the best country music albums of 2013. Charlie sits among talents like Dierks Bentley and Keith Urban, understated and brilliant at the very same time.

Charlie is no different live. He’s an incredibly down to earth, real performer that brings his songs to life just by being himself. His show is a no frills, music forward experience that one doesn’t easily forget. You get the sense that his main goal is to convey the stories he’s telling, and in this day in age with over-indulgence and fireworks and dancing on our stages, there’s something really refreshing about letting yourself get lost in the stories because they’re just that good. He interacts seamlessly with his audience, as if he’s playing to a bunch of his friends, making even an outdoor venue with a make-shift stage seem like a truly intimate experience.

If I could recommend one new artist this year, it would be Charlie Worsham. Get out there and see him, take a listen to his record, get to know this artist because he’s going to be huge. He’s already on his way. It doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly humble and kind, as well as undeniable cute (for the ladies out there). We had the pleasure of talking to him for a quick second, and there’s no artist more unassuming than him. I love that.

Check out some pictures from the show below!

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