New Music Tuesday!

New Music Tuesday!

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NAIM – Days Are Gone

Granted, this did not come out this week, but I’m finally getting around to listening to new stuff after a few weeks of insanity. Needless to say, I’m really digging this band. They throwback to an 80’s sound without making it cheesy or overdone. It’s just a really fun, danceable record that lacks the overdone remix sound that so many pop songs have these days. Check out “Falling” and let me know what you think!

Joey + Rory – Made to Last

Their music is definitely derived from faith, I think anyone that knows of them is aware of that. But this being my first listen, I’m taken about by how much Joey reminds me of Alison Krauss. Her voice is so soft it’s almost a whisper, and the gentle flow of their music has a distinct relation to the music that Krauss often surrounds herself with. While they do gravitate away from the soothing sounds and get more upbeat throughout the album, I appreciate their ballads the most, they seem to speak most to who they are as artists. It’s music to soothe your soul and speak to your heart when you need it most. I can’t get enough of her voice, you guys. It’s just so beautiful. Not to mention, they have a lot of my favorite thing; harmony.

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