Live Review: Jake Owen @ House of Blues

Live Review: Jake Owen @ House of Blues


Thanks to an amazing friend that was willing to get in line at 7AM and grab tickets for us, we were lucky enough to attend Jake Owen’s Days of Gold release party, at the House of Blues Anaheim last Friday night. We sat through two hours of painstaking Los Angeles traffic to make it down to Orange County, and let me tell you something, those two hours in a car were completely worth it. Despite being a little late (we came in just as the opening act finished up), we were amazed to arrive and still have to stand in a line to get in the venue.  It’s no understatement when I saw the place was packed, with a mixed audience that ranged from college boys in cowboy hats, to frenzied fangirls, and mom’s out for a night on the town. Pick a demographic, and they were in that venue ready to rock out to Jake’s growing list of hits.

Jake hit the stage with the energy of a tornado, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with his newest single, Days of Gold. From the volume of the screaming, to the smile that hardy ever left Jake’s face, we all knew we were in for a night of great music.

It’s refreshing to see a performer that soaks in every moment on stage, that performers to his fans rather than for himself, and custom designs a set based on what he thinks his listeners want to hear. On the go, no less. Owen possesses an energy that lights a room on fire, he’s charismatic and relatable, giving audience members an insight into who is is and where he’s come from. The night wasn’t just another show in a string of back to back shows, it was a celebration of his journey, and he was adamant about his thanks and gratitude for the road he’s walked down. He played all his hits, from Anywhere With You to Barefoot Blue Jean Night and Alone With You. The audience not missing a word to these hits, often allowing their voices to rise louder than his. He mixed up all these audience favorites with tracks from Days of Gold, including the electric 1972, Ghost Town (one of my favorites!) and Tipsy.

The night came to a close with a raging version of 8 Second Ride, that quickly allowed Jake to reflect on where he stands today, opening up to the audience about his love of classic rock and how it inspired him to be a performer. Orange County was treated to an amped up cover of Van Halen’s Jump and the Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right, in which his band members each had an opportunity to show off their skills. It was a night full of surprise and a need for celebration. For those of us who have been following Jake for years, it was incredibly special to be there to share this moment with him, knowing that it’s been an exciting rise to the top. I can’t help but think back to just three years ago when I watched him play the Riverfront stage at CMA Festival, getting my first glimpse into what a talented performer he was, to the fury of craziness he inspires in his fans today. It’s been a long and crazy journey, and I could not be more excited to watch him launch this next phase in his ever exciting career.

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