New Music Tuesday: Gloriana – “Best Night Ever”

New Music Tuesday: Gloriana – “Best Night Ever”

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By now, ya’ll know how I feel about Gloriana. I’ve been following them for what feels like a million years, since they were four and a little new at things, to being three and absolutely spot on with harmony and melody. Not to mention the way they’ve embraced songwriting to make beautifully emotional and exciting music. While I loved their self titled debut, they really came into their own on the follow-up, A Thousand Miles Left Behind. Even now, I found myself going back to key songs on that record and being emotionally connected and moved. It doesn’t really get much better than Carolina Rose or Where My Heart Belongs when you’re feeling reminiscent about life and love.

We knew that they were announcing something big on their website last night, but I was still surprised to find the new single “Best Night Ever” had popped up on iTunes when I woke up this morning. It’s a wildly upbeat song that touches on love and youth, remembering those nights that for one reason or another remain etched in your memory, with an epic sing-a-along chorus that will surely get everyone in their venues shouting at the top of their lungs. They’ve returned to the mix of male/female leads, learning, I’m sure, from the success of Kissed You Goodnight. There’s nothing I love more than alternating Male/Female lines and harmonies, and I was so excited when the second verse came along and my fellow SoCal girl, Rachel Reinert was shining brightly on it. I know I might be biased, I consider Gloriana something of a baby band for me, I fell in love with them and their music and since then all I’ve wanted for them is wild success. I feel like this could really be the song, it fits well into the format of country music radio, a groovable melody that will get the audience dancing with their beers in the air. Tom’s eclectic sound and Rachel’s smooth and emotional vocals fit together perfectly, making for a truly radio ready single that can easily be blasted at top volume.

Take a listen to Best Night Ever and then do me a BIG favor and go download it on iTunes if you’re into it.

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