New Music Tuesday: It’s a Country Music Release Day

New Music Tuesday: It’s a Country Music Release Day

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Hello all! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and have plenty of leftovers to sustain you through this hard week. I decided to disengage for my vacation from all things on the internet. But I’m back, refreshed and ready to kick off an awesome few months of blogging! This past week was full of new music discovers and hopes for the next year of music, and I’m really excited to share some of those things with ya’ll. First things first, we have some new albums out this week that I’m really excited about. Hopefully they’ll help you make it through the post-holiday blues.

Jake Owen – Days of Gold

If you’re looking for some upbeat, feel good country music, then Jake Owen’s Days of Gold is definitely for you. I’ve been anticipating this album for months now and can’t wait to really dig into it. While it’s light on ballads, it’s ample in songs that take you back to your favorite summer day, hanging with your friends, and those good times that you never want to let go of. Though, being who I am, “What We Ain’t Got” is a heartbreaking tale of lost love where Owen’s voice takes off like a jet plane. Take a listen to the new single “Beachin'” and then treat yourself to the entire album.

Must Hear: Days of Gold, Tall Glass of Something, What We Ain’t Got


Deana Carter – Southern Way of Life

I touched a little on Deana Carter’s single “Do or Die” just a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t be more excited to really take a listen to her whole album, which finally came out on Monday. I’m a fan of her sweet voice, effortlessly laid back style, and gentle reflections on life. She’s been a staple in my country music life since day one and I really want this album to do amazing things for her career. Check out the album and let me know what you think!

Must Hear: You Can’t Stay, Before You Left, That’s Just Me, Southern Way of Life

The Sound of Music (From the NBC Special)

I grew up watching this musical, so much so that my mom can’t stand to sit through it anymore because I watched it over and over again, practically wore out the VHS tape. I used to sing “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” like it was my damn job. I was maybe six at the time, so I had no idea what I was talking about. I would dance in my grandmothers curtains and twirl around the room, convinced that I was a lost little girl from the Von Trapp family. Take all of these memories and throw in Carrie Underwood and I’m set. Sure, there’s been a lot of people wondering what the hell she’s doing in this production, but if there’s one thing I understand about Carrie it’s that she’s a perfectionist. She wouldn’t take up this job without painstakingly doing it justice. I can tell just from the few clips that I’ve heard that she’s worked to make her voice fit more into the Broadway version of vocals than her usual country roots, and there’s something to be said for that. You already know the songs, but take a listen to this Carrie Underwood rendition, and let me know what you think.

Must Hear: The Sound of Music, So Long Farewell, Edelweiss

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