News: Rolling Stones Plans Country Music Website

News: Rolling Stones Plans Country Music Website


In a move that is incredibly exciting for fans of country music, Rolling Stone is planning to launch a country music website called Rolling Stone Country, designed to exclusively cover the ever growing genre. According to Adage, the aim of the site will be to cover all aspects of country music in the same way that Rolling Stone covers rock and pop music. The standalone website will join the ranks of Yahoo’s exclusive Country coverage, as well as major outlets like The Boot and Country Weekly.

There’s no doubting that country music is making it’s mark on the mainstream scene in a way that it hasn’t for many decades, and that star power is pushing others to recognized our genre, and the breadth of talent that it possesses. While this can be seen as a completely monetary decision for Rolling Stone, there’s still a lot of excitement in the fact that they’re dedicating a staff of almost 15 people, based out of a Nashville office, to cover the genre in a way that the publication has never done before. It’s an exciting movement in music, as we see people that maybe didn’t give the genre much credit before, begin to listen and pay attention to are artists. As well as the fact that it opens us up to an even wider span of people. Needless to say, it’s been a while since I traveled over to Rolling Stone’s own website, or even picked up a copy of their magazines, as they’ve never really covered artists that I’ve had much of an interest in (save for my days in teenybopper land when they mostly tore those acts to pieces).

I’m a huge proponent of writers covering music that they are both passionate about and knowledgeable on. It pains me to see a rock writer writing a review for a pop album (which happens so often in major publications), as their opinions are not based on the genre itself, but their own personal bias. My hope, is that we’ll have some serious writers that know a lot about country music, beyond the classics and into the culture of today scene. There’s room for both new and old in our world, and while Rolling Stone has favorably viewed and covered classic artists, I hope that this website will be open and excited about covering our recent successes.

For more info on the new publication, check out the Adage article here.

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