Throwback Thursday: Gloriana @ The ACM Experience in Las Vegas

Throwback Thursday: Gloriana @ The ACM Experience in Las Vegas

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It’s been a huge week for me, being a fan of Gloriana, and it’s really made me reflect back on their long road to where they are today. As much as I want them to be playing huge stadiums and up in all the brightest lights, I’m really very proud of this band and what they’ve accomplished, the hurdles that they’ve jumped over. I’m so happy to see that they have the fame and success that they do, that I’ve brought other people to shows with me that seem to adore them as much as I do, and that they continue to make music that is meaningful to them and their fans.


Back in 2012, before this blog really started to become a thing for me, I traveled to Las Vegas during ACM weekend because I knew Gloriana was going to be there. I met up with one of my life long best friends, that I hadn’t seen in ages, and we ran around town together taking in good music while creating beautiful memories. In the midst of all this, I managed to get a great video of Gloriana singing Carolina Rose (my favorite song). I hope you love it as much as I do.

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