I’m a Little Annoyed with LA Weekly’s “Country for Liberals” Article

I’m a Little Annoyed with LA Weekly’s “Country for Liberals” Article

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Okay, A LOT annoyed.

When it comes to country music, for me, the more exposure it gets the better. Even if it’s sappy pop country that hardly qualifies or twangy gun wielding, truck driving manly men, if it pumps people up I’m pretty much happy about it. That being said this LA Weekly article sort of pushed all the wrong buttons for me. I’m not a political person by nature, I think we all have our different opinions and thoughts on life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re looking for a debate, I’m the wrong person to ask. But if you came to me and asked me where I stood, it would probably be on the liberal side of things. I grew up immersed in theater and music, surrounded by actors and musicians, learning to love and support alternative lifestyles as a way of life. It wasn’t a question of what was normal and what wasn’t. But I went to church and I had my own beliefs, I’ve never let anything or anyone sway me on my faith, but it’s mine and mine alone. It’s not something I shove down someones throat or throw in faces.

I’m a little offended by this “Country Music for Liberals” thing. It feels like it was written by someone who doesn’t know anything about country music. There are some good and bad eggs in country music, just like there are in Rock and Pop and… well, every genre. You see where I’m going? I know a lot of people that are liberal and happy to be into country music, because they can see past the beliefs and lifestyles of the musicians and focus on, oh I don’t know… the music.

Miranda Lambert

Zac Brown Band

Kacey Musgraves

Eric Church

Brad Paisley

Those are their five artists Liberals should listen to. While every single artist that was mentioned in this article are fantastic, incredibly talented, and deserving of a little more attention; it’s still a little bothersome as a dedicated fan of the genre. I guess I just don’t get the tone and voice of this article. It’s half lifting up the genre and half tearing it down and writing it off. There are a lot of other great country artists that don’t outwardly lean in the direction of the Republican party. That don’t even voice very many political beliefs. Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Kip Moore (just to name a quick few). These are also artists that aren’t overtly country (for those that hate twang for no apparent reason) and preach love, hope, and happiness more than anything else. Sure, we’re not a genre that relies on dancing midgets, rape anthems, and sheer body suits to get attention; but that’s part of what I love so much about us.


I understand that music tends to get political and is often used as a platform to raise awareness, but if you’re trying to drive people to a genre, how about we focus on the talent of the individual rather than how they live their lives? How about next time we make a list for people that don’t like country music we focus on the music itself, LA Weekly.

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  1. I am among those who want to listen to a person who’s character they like and I think that’s perfectly okay. Like you said in your article, everyone has their own beliefs and preferences. I prefer to only support artists who are not racist because racism hurts people and I don’t want to support people who are okay with that. To me, a person’s character can add or takeaway from the value of their music in part because what makes some songs beautiful has more to do with their content than the vocal pitch that was used.

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