Music Monday: Nashville Singer/Songwriter Liza Anne debuts “The Colder Months”

Music Monday: Nashville Singer/Songwriter Liza Anne debuts “The Colder Months”

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There’s nothing quite as exciting as blossoming young talent. Talent that sits on the edge of bursting into full bloom, filling the artistic atmosphere with an electric energy and new vision. That’s what it feels like when you listen to Nashville based singer/songwriter Liza Anne. At only 19 years old this Belmont University student has a unique sense of melody and a style that’s all her own, a mix of folk and atmospheric pop that has seen rising popularity in the last few years. We could easily put her in with the likes of First Aid Kit, artists who infuse mood and emotion effortlessly into the very fabric of the music, the words just giving breath to the feelings.

Liza Anne comes to her music with an explosive honesty, allowing that to ebb and flow throughout her lyrics and into the slow moving, all-feeling instrumentation. On her first single, “The Colder Months” her voice fills the space between drifting guitars, a haunting reflection of uncertainty and fear. The song is slow, building bit by bit until it comes full circle and suddenly takes you by surprise, as if you didn’t expect to be surrounded by pounding drums and harrowing harmonies. She brings to life the winter blues, those moments when you’re seeking comfort and security, because it feels as if you need it then more than ever. Someone to keep you warm, someone to make you feel loved, but not someone that will build themselves immediately into your heart. It’s a gorgeous song with a sense of fragility, a mingled mix of hope and fear that showcase what a truly talented songwriter Liza Anne is, and her grasp on the wide breadth of human emotion.

Her upcoming full length album “The Colder Months” is a truly Nashville-style album in the sense that Liza Anne recruited endless Nashville talent from both current and former Belmont University students to help her completely and build the sound that she envisioned. Despite her youth she’s performed alongside established and exceptionally talented artists like Matthew Perryman Jones, The Icarus Account, and Landon Austin. Liza Anne has all the makings of a timeless artist, bound to flourish and expose her talents to the world at large, and it’s exciting to find someone on the ground floor of their career just as they begin to rise.

Liza Anne’s debut, “The Colder Months” is due out on iTunes on February 4th, 2014. For more information on Liza Anne check out her official website and listen to her single, “The Colder Months” and watch the music video below.

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