New Music Tuesday: Lucy Hale

New Music Tuesday: Lucy Hale


Lucy Hale – You Sound Good To Me

When I first heard that Lucy Hale was making a country music album, I was a little skeptical. To be honest, I didn’t know much about her other than the fact that she was on Pretty Little Liars, and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders for a young actress. I knew that she had a wide circle of musician friends and was interested in music, but I didn’t understand her country music angle. A little research took care of that. This Memphis native grew up listening to her own mix of country and pop music, influences you can hear pouring out of her first country single, “You Sound Good To Me.”

This isn’t Lucy’s first venture into the world of music, either. She auditioned and won American Juniors, a spin-off of the popular American Idol, and was all set to be part of a group made up of the American Junior winners. Obviously, that didn’t pan out, but it paved the way for Lucy to take other strides in her career that eventually led her right back to the music world. She considers herself a singer, first and foremost, who just so happen to fall into the acting world when she moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her real dream.

When it came time to make her first album she came right back to her roots. The album was mostly produced and recorded in Nashville, where Hale worked with some of the biggest country songwriters, crafting a sound that she was comfortable with and could absolutely believe in. “You Sound Good To Me” is an upbeat, love crazy song with a real feel good attitude. It’s country, dipped in pop, wrapped up in a beautiful rhythmic melody. Written by hit-makers Hillary Lindsey, Luke Laird and Ashley Gorley, it has all the makings of a chart climber. While Hale doesn’t break out with a voice like Carrie Underwood, she seems to have a handle on the infusion of emotions and the ability to make her melodies rhythmically appealing with only her voice. It’s a simple song, with a simple concept, but it’s fun and lighthearted. It’s got just enough excitement generated throughout that you kind of can’t help but listen to it one more time (maybe a few more after that).

I’m excited to see where Lucy goes with the rest of her album. It’s clear she’s passionate about what she’s doing, humbled to be walking down this road, and open to the criticism she’s likely to get stepping into such a protective genre. I was all set-up to be one of those critics, but now, I’m kind of rooting for this country music newcomer.

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