News: Keith Urban Releases “Cop Car” Music Video (and it’s awesome!)

News: Keith Urban Releases “Cop Car” Music Video (and it’s awesome!)

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Ya’ll, I’m so excited about Keith Urban’s “Cop Car” music video! There’s a long list of great Keith songs, but “Cop Car” comes to the top of mine, for a number of great reasons. The raw emotion, the epic instrumentation and the completely beautiful story brings everything I love about music into one single track. The story, about young love and the strange moments when we fall into it, is both memorable and exciting. It really brings to life the experience of falling in love when you least expect it to happen, full of electric energy and a whirlwind of uncertainty, but somehow some of the best moments we live through. The music video doesn’t let me down at all. It’s pretty much exactly what I envisioned when I listened to the song and thought about the visual, storybook side to it. It helps that Keith Urban is easy on the eyes, but beyond that, it’s just a solid story and perfectly executed.

Check out the video for “Cop Car” below!

Then watch Keith & Gary Clark performing it on the 2014 Grammy Awards as an added bonus.

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