Throwback Thursday: Jessica Andrews “There’s More To Me Than You”

Throwback Thursday: Jessica Andrews “There’s More To Me Than You”


When I was in high school I would go on these crazy binges at the record store (back when those were a thing). I knew what kind of music I liked and I wanted to completely immerse myself in it. Any time I found an album by a young, female country artist, I had to have it right then and there. During one of these two hours or so wandering around a random Virgin records I discovered Jessica Andrews. To date, I own all three of her albums; “Heart Shaped World,” “Who I Am,” and “Now.” I listened to “Heart Shaped World” on repeat when I bought it, some of those songs will still come on at random on my iTunes, and I still can’t help but smile at the memories that they inspire.

One of my all time favorite Jessica Andrew’s songs was “There’s More To Me Than You,” specifically the ballad version, because you know me and ballads. I happen to stumble across the music video a few days ago and was reminded  how much I loved this song. Both the ballad and the uptempo were inspiring to me as a teenager, and today, it seems to mean even more. Isn’t it funny how music does that? Changes as you do.

I hope you enjoy this fun little throwback. Maybe someday we’ll hear more from Jessica Andrews!

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  1. Jessica has such a lovely, pure voice. The follow-up to this one (“Good Time”) was a decent song, but I think there were better options to release from the Now album. There were some unreleased tracks posted on CDBaby and Amazon in 2013 – should be interesting to see if she re-emerges in 2014.

  2. anonymous


    Don’t know if you meaning it this way, but I highly doubt she’ll be back in the mainstream scene, but you should definitely expect some more stuff from her to be posted. Regarding those songs posted on CDBaby, except for “The Prayer,” those are from her “Ain’t That Life” album, which was supposed to have been released in 2005, and more songs from it from it are on Reverbnation and Youtube, including her version of the Kellie Pickler hit, “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You.” She’s also working on a website,, and has some interesting material, including an A.M Pop Mix version of “Who I Am” and a few recordings of songs she and Marcel have song in concerts, including a performance of “Old Time Rock And Roll.” I really hope she’ll post more of the unreleased stuff she’s recorded throughout the past few years. There’s plenty of good unreleased material on Youtube, Myspace etc, including songs like “Fall Like The Rain,” “Love,” and “Afraid Of My Freedom.” On, there’s some Nashville Demos that Joey, Jessica, and a few others wrote and recorded a while back, whether for themselves or for other singers. The songs by Jessica on there are “Chevrolets,” “Settle Down,” and “Something That Will Always Be.” “Settle Down” (the full version) is on, and there’s a full version of “Something That Will Always Be” on Reverbnation, sung by Veronica Martell. I really hope Jessica’s version of that song and “Chevrolets” will get posted on the web someday.

    I think “Now” is the best album out of the three she’s released.

    • JukeboxMixtape

      This is such great information! I had no idea she’d been up to any of this, it felt like she just kind of disappeared. I’ll definitely check out the things that you linked and thank you again for sharing all this! While I don’t expect her to go mainstream again, I’m really glad to see she’s working on things, whether for herself or others. She was always such a great talent.

      Thanks again!

    • I’m pretty sure in addition to her unreleased 2005 album, Ain’t That Life, some of those songs you mentioned are from her OTHER unreleased album (2008). She had the Dreamworks one in 05 and the Carolwood one in 08 with Everything as the intended lead-off single.


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